Sessions and Events

Depending on the issue, a client may prefer an individual session. At this stage I am working mostly with indivuals one-to-one, but will be offering small constellation circles and movement events relating to constellations.

Working in groups always carries a greater healing potential, and there is a greater soul movement within the actual constellations field when we work with living representatives. The result is quantum layers revealed through a meta-field of living knowledge, arising in the moment, and our subconscious ‘eye’ captures mental pictures of the physical movement and moments within a constellation process.

Its all very effortless and guided by an unknown ‘knowing-field’ which is also this phenomenological or indidgenous(ancestral) field into which we are all woven. Working with movements of the Soul, and also opening up to the greater movement of the Spirit, my style is always intuitive and direct.

For enquiries or to book contact an Embodied Constellation session, contact me at or whatsapp Maya: 072 289 0125