As human beings, we are all interconnected and a part of – our families, our ancestors, our communities, our environment and Life itself. The world we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of our inner world. Healing is possible when we work within these relational fields – gaining insight into ‘all our relations’ and relationship with our ancestors, family members, environment, communities and Nature.

Embodied Constellations offers us the opportunity to cultivate an awareness of these systems and to work within them, somatically.
Unexpected insights may be revealed, relating to where we may be “stuck” in old patterns – from illness to difficulties we may be experiencing in our work or relationships, to revealing unconscious loyalties to our families, our wounded inner parts and the challenges, beliefs and patterns of those who have come before us. We also work with whatever is most alive in you, or as seen through ‘the eye of the morphic field of resonance’; perfect in what is being felt, and revealed in the moment. From unknowing into knowing is where the magic of release and re-integration happens in this work

By making visible, acknowledging and including what is in the system (on a micro and macro level), we initiate a healing movement of the Soul, and can also open up to the movement of the Spirit, stepping into a field beyond all pain and suffering, and grounded in absolute love, peace, acceptance. Ultimately, we reclaim the freedom to step more fully into our own lives, feeling resourced by Life itself, and by those whom have come before us.

Embodied Constellations was founded in February 2019 by Maya Joy, who is combining 12+ years experience of teaching embodiment practices (yoga, dance, sound) with her more recent training in family systems constellations (African Constellations 2015-19).  

A fledgling facilitator in this powerful healing modality now taking flight. Maya is also still training in shamanic counselling (ongoing apprenticeship of 6 years). and is also a musician, a mother and a tantric with a background in teaching hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, conscious dance & devotional music since 2008.